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EMI Shielding is a Melbourne-based specialist company providing testing, reporting and mitigation of electromagnetic interference. Our clients include employers, building owners, constructors, electrical engineers and consultants Australia-wide.

EMF's can be generated by:





cable runs


This can result in costly losses of office space due to electromagnetic interference with computer monitors and other electrical equipment, whilst also being an important consideration for developers of office and apartment buildings due to public concern over the potential adverse health effects of EMI.

EMI Shielding deals in the protection of equipment and people from ELF - extremely low frequency magnetic fields only. Shielding of low frequency magnetic fields requires different materials and methods than shielding for RFI radio frequency interference and other higher frequency fields.   

Shielding can be provided for:



mechanical plantrooms

cable runs

hospital specialist facilities

office buildings

apartment blocks

EMI Shielding offers a complete service, from initial investigation through to resolution of issues. Where shielding is required, we include all items, so that the client need not worry about co-ordination of diverse contracts. We aim to keep all parties appropriately informed of the issues and options.

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