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EMF Basics - What are Electromagnetic Fields?     
AIG - About the Earths Magnetic Field

Microwolds - Graphic Illustration of the Electromagnetic Spectrum

Unihedron - Electromagnetic Spectrum Poster

Wikipedia - What is an electromagnetic field?    
EMF Health Perspectives & Standards
ARPANSA - Aust. Radiation Protection & Nuclear Safety Agency

ARPANSA - Australian Draft Standard on Maximum Exposure to Magnetic fields 0Hz - 3 kHz

EMR Policy Institute - Current news & research, policy advocacy - USA

Microwave News - Current news on non-ionizing radiation     

World Health Organisation - Current criteria & research   

World Health Organisation - Worldwide EMF Standards Summary

US EPA - Electric Magnetic Fields In Your Environment 

INCHEM - Environmental Health Criteria 

Oxford Journals - The INTERPHONE Study Group 

ElectromagneticHealth.org - Interphone Study Design Flaws

EMF Shielding & Remediation - Industry Resources     

Energy Supply Association of Australia - Energy Policy Advocacy

European EMC Products - EMF Shielding Explained & Examples 

Less EMF - Measuring & Shielding Products    

Wikipedia - Electromagnetic Shielding - Materials and Methods


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