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A glass fronted office was affected by electromagnetic fields (EMF) from a sub-station and switchroom below. Some of the fields were radiating through the glass front wall.

The proposal was to install shielding materials on the floor under the carpet and also within a 1.3 metre high partition wall to be constructed adjacent to the window wall.

The work included removing workstations, furniture and computers and lifting the carpet tiles.

The low height partition wall was then constructed and the EMI shielding installed. Finishing included installing and painting plasterboard to the wall and replacing the carpet and fittings.


The project was effectively completed in one weekend so that staff resumed work on the Monday morning. The final coat of paint was added on the Tuesday evening. Shielding against the window achieved the desired EMI remediation whilst retaining natural light and a pleasant appearance.

Right: The windows as described in Project A above. The electromagnetic shielding materials cover the lower third of the windows  

Left: The compactus and cabinets being moved to allow laying of magnetic floor shielding

Plasterboard, carpet, desks and computers are re-instated and the painting is completed two days later outside of business hours


Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) from cables on a cabletray in the basement affected a conference area above. Fire sprinklers, gas main and other services were located above the cabletray.
The solution was to install cabletray shielding of inverted-U profile.
However, to allow installation of the shields, the cabletray and gas main hangers had to be removed in careful sequence, the EMF shielding installed and the hangers replaced.


The result was a successful EMF remediation ensuring a safe work environment in the room above.

NOTE: A concrete slab and metal formwork are no protection against electro-magnetic fields. 

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