About Us

Professional & Reliable

EMI Shielding is a Melbourne based specialist company providing information, magnetic field assessments and practical shielding solutions to EMF issues for the construction industry, universities, employers and building managers right across Australia.

​From humble beginnings in the early 90’s, Ken Brookes grew his family business, expanding his team of engineers, technicians and construction supervisors, and instilling his family values of honesty, reliability and trust. In 2016, his daughter Kerryn Harrington, took the lead with the support of our long-standing team who continue to uphold our family values and traditions.

​With over eighteen years of service to the industry our wealth of experience allows us to provide world-best practice in extremely low frequency magnetic field shielding for power frequency and geomagnetic fields as well as radio-frequency (RF) shields for medical and research equipment.

​From onsite testing and interference troubleshooting to design and construction on site our service is comprehensive and always tailored to meet your needs.

Servicing electrical contractors, commercial builders, educational, research and industrial facilities.

As interference issues can often be resolved via careful architectural and electrical design or configuration and/or correction of power quality issues, EMI shielding also provides assistance to engineers and consultants during the design phase through to project completion.