Electromagnetic Shielding

Design, Supply and Installation

EMI Shielding serves as a leading contractor in Australia for EMF mitigation solutions.

Substations, switchboards, cable trays and electrical infrastructure emit electromagnetic fields which may cause interference with electronic equipment or raise concern about potential health effects.

EMI shielding provides a comprehensive EMF shielding service, which includes:

  • Off-the-plan budget pricing for tenderers required to provide EMI mitigation
  • Assistance with design solutions to reduce requirement for electromagnetic shielding
  • On-site EMF testing & reporting using high quality calibrated equipment 
  • Custom designed EMI shielding for maximum efficiency  
  • A variety of magnetic shielding materials are used to achieve maximum performance  
  • Coordination with other trades to ensure smooth workflow and the best possible finish  
  • Magnetic shielding materials are specifically selected depending on the needs of each project
  • Typically shielding materials may be painted and/or overlaid with carpet, plasterboard etc..   
  • Australia wide installations utilising local staff with appropriate licensing and inductions  
  • EMI shielding will return to site once projects have been energised and have sufficient electrical load available for commissioning. We provide a fully detailed EMF report with readings plotted on floor plans also referencing building electrical loads  

It is important for builders, tenants, electrical consultants and contractors to consider EMF shielding prior to commencing new constructions or refurbishments as retrofit of magnetic shielding materials can reduce the ability to shield electromagnetic fields efficiently as well as adding substantially to the cost.

Although the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency does not currently provide a regulatory standard for protection from EMF, the commonly accepted practice is to limit exposure to EMF’s in workspaces to not more than 10mG (milligauss) and in residential areas to not more than 4mG.

EMI Shielding has more than 15 years experience in this field and can design shielding to suit your performance requirements.

Common methods of reducing the effects of EMF’s found in offices and apartments are:

  • consideration of potential for electromagnetic fields during building and electrical design
  • relocating electrical cables to reduce electromagnetic interference within residential and office space
  • increasing the distance between the source of EMF and the area to be protected
  • installing electro-magnetic shielding materials on walls, floors or ceilings around the source of EMF.

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