Electron Microscopy & Nanoscience Facilities

Custom Designed High Performing Microscopy & Nanoscience Rooms

We’ve been committed to constructing the highest performing electron microscope rooms for our clients needs and achieving their utmost satisfaction with our work.

As a leader in the industry, we use a comprehensive approach in order to provide world leading solutions for the projects we’re involved with.

The purpose of shielded construction is to mitigate electromagnetic interference (EMI) to specified levels for reliable operation of the sensitive laboratory equipment.

Electromagnetic interference can occur via conducted interference’s such as power, data, telephony lines or any other conductive paths, which connect to the source of the interference and the sensitive areas, as well as via radiated fields from nearby power conductors, building structure and other electronic equipment.  Changes in the DC magnetic field environment which is affected by moving ferrous metal objects such as lifts, trams, trains, vehicles etc.

Our custom rooms consist of a substrate capable of supporting a proprietary 6 sided metal shielding system to the entire internal perimeter of the room.

The shielding and all elements in the room are isolated from the external building structure to minimise electromagnetic fields and maintain vibration isolation.

Custom made doors and frames complete with passive shielding and non-ferrous door hardware add to the performance of the room.

Doors designed and installed to meet acoustic and fire rated requirements. 

Each room is individually designed taking into consideration the surrounding environment, external influences and to accommodate the strict specifications of the sensitive laboratory equipment within the room.

Our services include but not limited to design, co-ordination of all services trades, room penetrations, doors, door frames and services entering the rooms. 

From dealing with bureaucratic requirements to coordinating with subcontractors, EMI Shielding guarantees precise, timely,  efficient and performing work.