Gaussmeter Hire

We have a number of digital tri-axial gaussmeters available for hire.

A gaussmeter (sometimes called an EMF meter or magnetic field meter) is a simple handheld battery operated device that measures the electromagnetic field present and provides a digital on-screen display.

EMF readings are in milligauss (mG).

The gaussmeter is simple to use and full instructions are provided.

Electromagnetic fields are present wherever there is an electrical current present. Often these fields do not cause any problems, however, where EMF’s are causing interference with electrical equipment or where tenants are concerned about the potential health effects, simple resolutions are often possible.

Common methods of reducing the effects of electro-magnetic fields found in homes and offices are:

  • relocating furniture away from the source of EMF
  • relocating electrical cables away from the area to be protected from EMI
  • increasing the distance between the source of EMF and the area to be protected
  • installing magnetic shielding materials on walls, floors or ceilings around the source of EMF

50Hz falls within the ELF extremely low frequency of the electromagnetic spectrum.
These fields are measured in either microtesla (µT) or milligauss (mG)
Although the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) does not currently provide a regulatory standard for protection from electromagnetic field exposure, the commonly accepted practice is to limit exposure in workspaces to below 10mG (milligauss) and in residential areas to below 4mG .

Hire Terms

  • Hire of Gauss meter, including GST, Express Post and return Express Post (within Australia) costs AUD $110 for four days * and $11 per extra day.
  • Microwave leakage detector is supplied free of charge on request or may be hired separately at $7 per day (*From receipt of instrument until return to our postal address)
  • Payment is required before meters will be sent out and may be made by cheque, money order or direct deposit to: EMI Shielding Pty Ltd – a tax invoice will be supplied

Please use our link to request meter hire

A member of our team will phone you within 24 hours to confirm your hire.