Magnetic Active Cancellation Systems

Additional protection for your equipment

In addition to our custom built magnetically shielded rooms and in more severe environments we also design, supply and install magnetic active cancellation systems to suit your requirements.

Magnetic active cancellation systems consist of a three axis automatic compensation system for low frequency magnetic field disturbances, providing continuous real time compensation of magnetic fields.

These systems can be installed as a stand alone system to an existing room with sensitive equipment requiring protection or incorporated into our custom microscopy / nanoscience rooms as additional protection.

The magnetic field is measured with a low-noise 3-axis fluxgate sensor. The system consists of a controller unit which connects the sensor, control electronics and power amplifiers for the direct connection of compensation coils. Quasi-static DC magnetic field changes caused by trams, subway, trucks, and elevators are effectively reduced as well as AC magnetic field from power lines.

Suitable compensation coils can be easily made from cable loops which are installed to the walls, ceiling and floor of the laboratory. We also offer complete systems integrated in a self-supporting frame. 

We provide clients with a wide range of system options. No matter what your project might be, our professionals work to bring you the highest quality outcome.