Mumetal Rooms

In conjunction with our international partner ‘Systron Magnetic Shielding’

As an alternative to our medium budget proprietary shielding systems the use of ‘Mu-metal’ can provide higher levels of attenuation for geomagnetic / DC field disturbances.  This form of shielding has not been frequently marketed in Australia as it can be cost prohibitive and clients may have concerns around the uncertainties in design and fabrication.

With improvements in technology leading to higher and higher resolutions in imaging and lithography, the equipment sensitivity to magnetic field disturbances becomes more of a limiting factor.

In order to provide confidence and opportunity for Australian laboratories to achieve the highest levels of performance in the world we are supported by our experienced international partner Systron. 

The Systron Lab-Shield system has been tried and proven repeatedly in laboratories around Europe. 

Mumetal requires pre-fabrication and treatment prior to installation requiring expert technical skills and pre-construction planning and modelling.  (Jigsaw puzzles are our favourite entertainment).  The finished product requires protection from future damage.  For this reason EMI Shielding provide a comprehensive service from shielding construction to completion of fit-out.

The final result is incredibly low levels of slow varying DC field providing higher achievable resolutions for imaging and nano-lithography equipment.

If you’re uncertain which solution is best for your project and budget call us today for clear, concise and unbiased advice.