Residential Panel Solutions

Solutions for your home

EMI shielding have designed and supply a standard shielding panel solution for residential use. These panels are designed for installation behind residential switchboards and/or meter panels.

The installation consists of a set of ‘RP202 panels’. Each panel measures 2000mm x 1200mm x 3mm thick and weighs 22kg’s. 

A set of RP202 panels are suitable for reducing EMF from typical 100 amp switchboards to less than 4 milligauss (mG) measured at 250mm from the adjacent wall.

EMI shielding do not provide installation of the RP202 panels, they are to be handled and installed by a competent tradesperson. Panels are designed to be rebated and fixed into timber stud walls internally or for solid/metal stud walls fixed directly then furring channel and plaster installed over.

Configuration can vary to suit incoming power supply and switchboard/meter panel location.  Installation instructions are provided to suit your individual arrangement.

Custom made panels are also available if your switchboard layout differs from the norm.

A set of RP202 panels are packed on a pallet and will be forwarded to you  via a commercial transport company in an enclosed truck.

You will need two fit and able people to safely unload and fit the panels. 

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