RF Shielded Rooms

Custom Designed RF Rooms

RF shielded rooms provide the necessary ‘RF Quiet’ environment whens its necessary to prevent external noise of radio frequency entering a room. RF behaves like light and can reflect off some surfaces.

RF rooms consist of a fully lined conductive enclosure, often known as a Faraday cage, to block electromagnetic fields.  There are numerous uses and requirements for RF rooms due to todays increased electromagnetically polluted environment as well as greater sensitivity of equipment. 

All services that enter an RF room such as power, lighting, data and other service penetrations must be routed through specialised filters and waveguides, to attenuate signals passing through into the shielded room.

Air conditioning vents are treated with honeycomb waveguides and treatment is required to all windows and doors.​

RF doors are an integral component of a shielded room but bear the highest risk of failure due to the deterioration that can occur when opening and closing. This requires a unique closing and locking mechanism to ensure the longevity of the components and the electrical conductivity of the entire room when doors are closed.

There are various materials that can be utilised in constructing an RF room. Materials utilised are dependent on the clients attenuation requirements, room location and environment.

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